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day trips and attendance

  • I would like to create this management system to organize event and track users attendance:
    admin and users can click on a link where they can add new ‘day trips’ and edit them.

    Only admin can access to “change/edit attendance users” link for each ‘day trip’. But users can only change/edit their own attendance.

    Anyone can add a new day trip post (field group: date place and note) and and so an e-mail will arrive to all users to notify the new event (by post lite notifier plugin)

    Inside the e-mail there will be a link which each logged user can confirm their attendance (“present” – value 1, “absent” value 0 and “perhaps” value 2) by, but where the user can’t modify date, place and note inside it.

    When an user has confirmed the attendance, the ‘update button’ will open a page with the event details and the report of users that have already confirm the attendance.

    Now, I have only create a post-type ‘daytrip’ and a field group ‘day trip’ where there are custom fields ‘date’, ‘place’ and ‘note’

    How can I do? is it possible?

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