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Date Picker stopped displaying the date in admin

  • Ever since I updated ACF Pro the date is no longer being displayed in the datepicker field in admin. I can pick a date and it shows up in the field, but as soon as I update or publish it disappears. Everything else works, it’s just not being displayed in admin, which is kind of a pain when working with events.

  • Hi @mpoisel1412

    I’ve just tested it on my installation but failed to reproduce the issue. Maybe there’s a conflict on your site. Could you please try to reproduce the issue on one of the WordPress’ stock themes (like Twenty Sixteen) with other plugins deactivated? If it disappears, then you can activate the theme and plugins one by one to see which one causes the issue.

    If the issue persists, could you please share the JSON export file of your field group so I can check your setup and test it on my installation?

    Thanks 🙂

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