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Date Picker return format

  • Hi,

    Recently upgraded to ACF Pro and encountered this bug:

    I’ve set the Date Picker return format to Y-m-d, and the site we use expects that format (2015-03-20, for example) when running queries against the string.

    Now, however, even with the format set to return this way, the post meta is showing that it’s being stored without hyphens (20150320). All the legacy posts work fine but any new/edited posts now break because its searching for a format that’s not being stored. Any suggestions?


  • Hi @scrippscollege ,

    ACF Datepicker format is set for two different scenarios. During editing posts the format used is the display format, when using the api the return format is used.

    In order to maintain this flexibility the plugin stores data in a flexible format.

    For more available data formats, have a look at this

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