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Date Picker: Return format broken in

  • In one of the websites I maintain we have some functionality that expires posts older than today based on the ACF Date Picker return value. Then we convert the value using strtotime() and compare that to the result of time(). This has been working well, and we have been using a custom date picker Return format of d F Y.

    We upgraded to WordPress 4.4 and ACF Pro on our local machines relatively close together. Then all of the sudden our date expiration broke.

    Once that happened we started debugging:

    1. Started with the assumption it was our code and using PHP Fiddle tried to fix the problem. This made us realize it was a problem wit the return format.
    2. In ACF we tried changing the return format (to anything else), but it always returned d M, Y format, which is our display format.
    3. We tried changing the display format to the desired d F Y which did not change the display format. In doing our due-diligence we double checked to make sure the value was being saved by ACF and it was, so we moved on.
    4. Next, we reverted to the previously working version of WordPress 4.3.1, but this still did not fix the bug.
    5. Thinking it might be caching (grasping at this point) we dumped the database, and did a fresh import from the production server, but this had no effect at resolving the issue.
    6. Finally, we reverted ACF Pro using the copy of 5.3.1 we had on the production server and this resolved the issue.

    Other than running an old version of ACF, I don’t know how to resolve this. This is definitely a new bug with, however. Have there been any steps towards resolving this bug yet? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Once again:
    It is working on: WordPress 4.3.1, ACF Pro 5.3.1
    It is NOT working on: WordPress 4.3.1, ACF Pro or WordPress 4.4, ACF Pro

    Thank you.

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