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Date Picker not working inside a Repeater

  • Hi, sorry if this problem is solved anywhere in the forum, but I can’t find it… I’m having a problem using Date Picker inside a repeater field, I have all the latest versions of ACF, Repeater and WordPress.

    When I enter to edit a post the Date Picker field only works when I add a second row in the repeater, but repeater stops working when I delete that last one added.

    Is weird, but doesn’t work With the Date and Time Picker plugin too.

    Anybody with this issue? I’m the only one? I tried with a clean installation of WordPress with no plugins and no themes to check but still the same.

  • Hi @roura356a

    You say you have ACF and the repeater addon.
    Have you considered getting the ACF Pro plugin instead? If you’ve purchased the repeater addon you should be eligible for a free upgrade from your account page.

    I’ve used date pickers inside repeaters with ACF 5 (pro) and it has worked for me so I think that would solve your problem (and give you more and better functionality).

  • Thanks Jonathan. That’s true, I need to get ACF pro =D

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