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Custom Taxonomy & Relationship field Bug Solved

  • I got the solution. It’s very simple.
    $logo = get_field('field_53368dabb411e', 'manufacturer_'.$m->term_id);

    As documentation says that we can pass POST ID as second argument, This can also be options / taxonomies / users / etc.

    Now I have to work with custom taxonomy. So if I pass taxonomy term id as second parameter, it doesn’t work. It search value in wp_postmeta table, which is wrong. Because ACF didn’t store taxonomy/relationship field data in wp_postmeta table. It stores in wp_options table.

    So now problem is how to pass argument that ACF get actual value. I search all code related to relationship field and how ACF insert & get data from DB. I just concat the taxonomy slug + ‘_’ + taxonomy term id and I got my result.

    I don’t know whether this is bug is plugin or they forgot to update or mention in documentation, but I got my desired result with this hack.

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