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Custom Fields won't display in footer. Dying here

  • For the life of me, my custom fields will not display only on one page.

    Backend view

    Heres the code within footer.php
    Actual code in footer.php

    Heres the actual site in question:

    It just does not pickup on the field, i’m befuddled. any help is appreciated!

  • Ah, but when I place this code inside my home-template.php, its works!

    But the question now is, how do I make it so it works in footer.php? I need client to be able to edit the Twitter/Facebook/Google+ icons at the footer. How does one do this?

  • Hi @nickolaas

    Your screenshot failed to show the location rules, so I don’t know where you are entering the data for this field group.

    Perhaps the issue is that you have saves the custom field values to a specific post or page. That means the data is only available on that post’s url.

    Perhaps you need to look at the options page add-on to save the data to a global / static area where you can then retrieve it on any page in your template (footer.php)

    Does that help?


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