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Custom Fields Not Displaying

  • The issue I am having is straightforward an, hopefully, I am just overlooking something here. I have a custom field called, “XYZ”. The location rules are set to show the custom field grouping if the page template is equal to “ABC template” or “DEF template” or GHI template” or “TESTPAGE_A” page. Note: the last criteria here is a page, not a page template.

    When I go to the edit screen for “TESTPAGE_A”, I can see the grouping for the custom field, “XYZ” an can edit, make changes and save. However, when I open the page after saving changes (using Incognito mode in Chrome to avoid caching) the custom field does not display. NOTE: The custom field will display if I go back to edit the TESTPAGE_A page, select one of the aforementioned page templates (ABC, DEF, GHI) for the page and save it.

    I am using version 5.8.13 of ACF, PHP 7.3

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