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Custom field types will not show on front-end website

  • I am using CPT UI and ACF for creating custom post type and custom fields. While I was able to create the custom fields in field group, when I create a post adding data to these custom fields, it will not show up on the front-end post. I tried several resolutions including disabling Gutenberg from theme option, adding code to functions.php file, etc. Nothing is helping.

    Does anyone have a solution? I have added screenshots of custom post type and custom fields setting screens.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I have two websites with ACF pro and CPT UI with a theme that implement what is necessary to sho the custom fields in the admin panel.

    On the original, the custom fields are showing fine and configured per post type.

    On the new site, the custom fields are not showing at all unless it is an existing migrated post and then we can see the custom fields.

    Why would it be? Is there something that should be done during migration?

    PS : I exported and import the custom fields from the original site onto the new site after having clear everything on the new site.


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