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Custom Field Matrix migrate to Advanced Custom Fields

  • Hi,

    I am Vinod a front end developer. I created a wordpress website when I am studying PHP for a project. I used Custom Field Matrix plugin for some fields. After long years I just refreshing the project with New wordpress. Now I noticed that Custom Field Matrix plugin not supporting in New WordPress.

    Can you please tell me how Custom Field Matrix migrate to Advanced Custom Fields?

    Help me please.

    Thanking you,
    Vinod M

  • Hi @vinodm

    Thanks for the email.
    Custom field matrix was created such a long time ago, that I can’t remember how the data was saved and am unsure of a way to migrate the data.

    Please note that although I am the developer of both these plugins, they are not the same and there is no ‘migration’ offered between them.

    If you do choose to use the repeater field add-on (premium) within ACF, you should set it up and save some data. Then you can compare the data saved by the repeater field, and the custom field matrix plugin. If they save in a similar format (it is possible) then you may simply be able to deactivate CFM and just create the repeater field using the same field names.

    If the field names match up, the old data should load into the new ACF repeater field!

    Good luck.


  • Dear Elliot,

    Thanks for the advice. I will look at through this method.

    Thanks again,
    Vinod M

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