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Custom field: extract day of month

  • Hi everybody,

    I have a custom post type named “persons” and a custom field named “dateofbirth”.
    At the end of the page-output of the person, I would like to list a few other persons, who have the same DAY the date.

    So, if the date of the person is 19640215, I would like to show all entries, where the custom field of these persons contains the day of month “15”. (The same output I need for month and year on other pages).

    I have no idea, how the array of the query has to look like. Can anybody help me?

    Thank you very much in advance! 🙂

  • I solved the problem myself using a variable and REGEX 😉

     'meta_query' => array(
                          'key'      => 'birthday',
                          'compare'  => 'REGEXP',
                          'value'    => $year.'[0-9]{2}[0-9]{2}', 
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