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  • Hello,
    I used to use ACF to get data about articles, according to the type of article.

    For example, I have a series of fields for BRAND items, then fields for PRODUCT items.
    Everything’s fine.

    I was wondering if it’s possible to query from one to the other.
    Let me explain 🙂
    To display my PRODUCTS on the BRAND page, it’s quite simple, it’s just a list of items with a query based on a category.

    But how do you do the opposite?
    What I’d like is for my PRODUCT page to be able to retrieve data from my BRAND page.
    In other words, in my template, for example, on the left I’d have the information (and ACFs) for my PRODUCT, and on the right, the information for the BRAND, according to the PRODUCT.
    For example: if PRODUCT = 1, then I display BRAND1 DATA1, BRAND1 DATA2
    and so on.

    I imagine I’m not the first to have this problem, and I understand it’s the subject of repeater, but I don’t quite understand 🙂

    At this stage I don’t have the PRO but if that’s what I’m looking for, I’ll obviously buy the license.


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