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Creating review and rating system

  • First of all, I got familiar with ACF about year ago, and I loved it so much that I am building websites only with ACF, and I am trying to not use any plugin if I can make it with ACF.

    So, I am building a new website. It will sort like user review and rating website for cars. I have made custom post type, and all required fields, what I would like to know is if it’s possible to make review system with acf_form()?

    I have tried but acf_form gives the ability to edit all data, which means that user A can change user B data, and it doesn’t work as I planned. So the idea is to have acf_form but in order to only submit new data and not be able to edit existing one. Is that possible?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • I have found the solution :).

    I have created new CTP and that way users will create new posts and I will pull the data out of it.

  • New question since I can’t find this online.

    Is it possible to limit users to only fill acf_form once?

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