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Creating Input Fields to add to data sheet

  • Hi everyone, first post here and developer hobbyist. I hope this isnt too long but I wanted to get my question across correctly.

    I have been searching for about a week for an answer to my question but I couldn’t find one that fit what I was looking for or required far more work than what i believe is required for what i’m going for. If anyone has any help that’d be great!

    What I am trying to accomplish

    I have a google sheet that list various metadata for a long list of videos. I would like to host a random video in that list (by fetching the url. Below the video I would like to have various input fields where users could apply tags and details for future sorting and indexing reasons.

    The Issue
    I am looking for direction on what route would be best for accomplishing these things.

    – Play embed video in random or sequential order on front end page
    – Log a unique ID to associate the video with the fields
    – Have fields list in a table the tag attributes

    Any input or direction on what I should search for would mean a lot! Thanks

    Here is the layout for the sheet I currently have


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