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Creating Global Settings to posts

  • I’m currently using the ACF pro WordPress plugin and I’m looking to create a set of ‘global’ setting e.g. phone number, email address for each of our offices that can be applied to posts that are set up for those offices and it’d really appreciate any help with doing this if it can be done.

    To better explain this, what I’m wanting to create is this scenario:

    I have one set of ‘office’ posts that on each store the phone number and email address for that office along with the relevant name. Then on a post, let’s call ‘locations’ I’d like to be able to select an ‘office’ from a dropdown list or similar that will automatically pull in the two contact fields into two separate fields, one for email and one for telephone (so we can then dynamically display each separately on the page using Elementor and their dynamic options with ACF).

    The reason for this would be, let’s say an ‘office’ has 50 locations and we need to change the phone number, I can enter the correct ‘office’ post and edit the phone number which would then automatically update it across all the ‘locations’ that this office has been selected on.

    Does anyone know if this is possible in WordPress with this tool?Any help will be greatly received.

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