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Creating a frontend sign-up form using fields

  • I was thinking of using ACF (Free or PRO) to create an event sign-up form, where a custom field was displayed on the frontend, and people could enter their name and email address to sign up.

    Is there any way to:
    – display the same field over and over (or clone it, such as “participant-1”, “particiapant-2” etc.) so that different people can enter data even though the field has already been completed
    – see the data in the back-end OR display it on the website as needed
    – output the total number of entries (the total number of participants)
    – update this number when I delete an entry on the bac-kend (assuming a participant notifies me by email that he will not attend)?

    Or perhaps there is a SIMPLER way of doing this that I’m missing?

    Thank you!

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