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Creating a new field type and backwards compatibility

  • So, I’ve embarked on creating a new field type. It’s not going to be anything extremely complex, just something to get my feet wet with.

    I noticed that while there is a file included to create an ACF 4 compatible version, there’s not a lot of other information about it. After examining the 2 files and looking over the number of differences I’m debating whether or not to even bother creating a version of my field that’s compatible with v4.

    In some ways I’d feel a little guilty for not doing it, but on the other hand, do I really want to do the extra work when I have no intention of using v4 again unless I absolutely must.

    The reason I’ve started with a simple field in the first place is there are existing addons that I use that appear to be abandoned and I’m using this one to get a feel for what needs to be done so that I can embark on updating those that I can’t live without or are preventing me from updating some of the sites I maintain.


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