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Create RSVP with ACF

  • Hello I wish to do an RSVP. I have created a repeated field with several fields including a field which automatically generates unique identifiers using:

    My repeat field has the following sub fields:
    – Name (text)
    – First name (text)
    – Accept or refuse (radio)

    I wish to have two form fields on front page
    – unique key
    – A selection field: Accept and refuse

    When the user enters on the first field, the unique identifier and click to the radioo button “accept” for example the line of the field will update

    if (have_rows('rsvp')) {
            while (have_rows('rsvp')) {
                if (get_sub_field('unique_id') == '5efb792f219a9') {
                    update_sub_field('confirmation', 'accept');

    Thanks for your help !

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