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create dropdown search

  • How to: create dropdown search

    Challenges: Make a “drop Down”search with all my custom fields

    What i have:
    Allots of custom fields.
    mostly, selcetion and checkboxes in the back end. That is used in woocommerce.

    What have i done:
    Google as H……. 🙂 and Been trying REALLY many diffrent types of examples.

    What do i need:
    I need a Way to filter my custom fields.
    Ex: | car manufactor | car model | car type | wheel size | .
    This need to be done “individualy” so i Can use one of them without having to start from one end of the search, when selecting a filter it shoud show the search, and filtrering more and more as im selecting other search criteria.
    (note: car manufactor and car type, May need to be done with car manufactor first, and then show the car models belonging to the manufactor)

    Where do i want this:
    in the top of wordpress or woocommerce

    How do i want it to be done:
    If possible!
    Like a Add_funktion or somthing. I that way im able to insert it where i want it, without having to Think on templates updates and so one.

    Thank 🙂

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