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Create data sheet listing and extended

  • Hello,

    I need to create a section on my website of wordpress where will a list of companies with some fields: name-company logo, phone, e-mail. This data will in a page and if you do a paged ten companies, when you click any field, eg company name-I need to go to another page with the full record of the company.

    1. Can I display a list of criteria order in any of the fields of the tabs?
    2. Can I show the detail of that company on a page?

    A greeting!

  • You should be looking at custom post types and taxonomies. ACF will be great for adding custom fields to a custom post type called “Company”. Using a CPT you’ll be able to do what you want. There is a plugin called “Custom Post Type UI” that you can use to add custom post types, then look at custom post type info in the wordpress docs

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