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CPT, Archive & Taxonomy hierarchy question

  • Is it possible to set up CPT & taxonomy like this:

    /archive-for-the-CPT/ – the archive page
    /archive-for-the-CPT/%category-name%/ – the category page under the CPT & archive
    /archive-for-the-CPT/%category-name%/%postname%/ – the actual post/url

    I am struggling hard to work this out. Assuming a permalink rewrite plugin is needed here?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You need to alter the permalink structure for your CPT using a combination of add_rewrite_rule(), query_vars, add_rewrite_tag() and add_permastruct(). It can be a complex project. You will need to look for information on using these functions.

    I am unaware of a plugin that will do what it needed and the code involved is quite complex.

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