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Copying of repeating a field on the same page

  • Hi, this is a kind of beginner question, hope someone can clarify it.

    I´m creating this site for a client, I´ve created the templates for each page as – apart from the header, footer and the page title section – are quite different between them.

    In one of the pages, I´ve got a grid with the benefits of buying the product, on the next section there is the same grid but for another kind of benefits. I’ve created the first section and it works fine, the second one has been created with a clone field type but I’m not sure how to add it to the page template so it is the same field but different content.

    Essentially my question is: Is there any way to reuse field on the same page template?


  • If you want to use a clone field of the same fields in the same page then you need to use the “seamless” setting when adding the clone field. If you use seamless then all then each time they are added they will have the same field names and it won’t work.

    You can also to this by making the clone a sub field in a repeater. This has its own ups an downs.

    Also, a clone field include in a layout for a flexible content field does not have the problems of duplicate field names, but again, these have their ups and downs.

    I personally have not had great experiences using clone fields in flex fields and I now try to avoid them unless there is an important reason to do so. From the sounds of what you’re doing I would most likely use a repeater field, or a flex field and skip the clones.

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