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Copying existing post with acf_form

  • Hello,

    we are using an acf_form() function to create / edit posts on front-end which works just fine. However we need to add a possibility to duplicate a post (we can supply and ID of existing post) while creating a new post. We need to duplicate at least title and all custom fields.

    Is this somehow achievable with acf_form() function? I’d guess that it could be done with “new_post” parameter but I have no idea how to dynamically copy all the custom fields.

    Thanks & have a nic day! Jakub

  • There isn’t anything in ACF that will let you duplicate and existing post including all field on the front end. There isn’t even anything that will do this in the admin. I’d suggest taking a close look at this plugin and asking the developer if there is any way to implement this on the front end of the site.

  • Hello John,

    thanks for your answer. I was afraid it’s not going to be possible in current state of affairs. I’ll try to contact the developer, sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks again, Jakub

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