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Conditional Logic stopped working after ACF5 Pro upgrade

  • After buying ACF PRO 5.0 and letting it upgrade my database as instructed, the conditionals don’t seem to work. I have two date fields that are set to only show if a certain other field (which is a radio button group) is set to specific values – in version 4 they were working fine. But now the fields always show when I’m adding or editing a custom-type post – clicking the different radio buttons doesn’t hide the non-applicable field(s). I don’t know if it’s a bug in ACF5, or because it’s Pro, or because I have to do something over again after the upgrade. Help?

  • Hi @OsakaWebbie

    Thanks for the bug report.
    Can you please check your console log for any JS errors preventing the fields from hiding?

    Also, have you tried to edit the fields and re-set the conditional logic?

  • Yes, I think I had tried to reset the conditional logic (at least, I know I went to Edit and verified that the logic was still there – I can’t remember for sure if I hit Save to refresh). I don’t think I checked for JS errors, or if I did, there weren’t any, because I would have reported them to you.

    But now that I haven’t looked at that part of the site for awhile, it appears to have gotten well on its own – I have no idea why. But it was definitely failing consistently for a week or two, and it was frustrating because one field that should have been hidden is a required field, so I had to put dummy data in it to proceed.

    If it happens again, I’ll check for JS errors and let you know my findings.

  • Hi @OsakaWebbie

    Thanks for the follow up. I’ll make this as solved for the moment and please post back with any info you find on the issue.


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