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Conditional Logic does not work with subfield value of Repeater/Flexible Content

    • oijm17

    • July 9, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    A greeting to all, it turns out that I have a drawback for quite some time that I actively use the latest version of ACF Pro (Previously I used Toolset Types); It turns out that I created a Group Field called “Technical Data” then within this I have two sub-fields one of type “Flexible Content” called “specific” that contains a Layout called “Version 1” with a sub-field of type “Select” called “myselect” containing the values “choose1”, “choose2” and “choose3”; and another of type “Group” called “general” which like the field mentioned above also contains a field of type “CheckBox” called “Checklist” that is conditioned (Condition Logic) to be displayed only if the sub-field value named “myselect”, “Show this field if “myselect” Value is equal to “choose1”).

    So far in theory everything should work fine, and show the sub-field called “Checklist” when in the Post Editor “Gutenberg” add at least one layout “Version 1” through the sub-field “specific” (which is the one that contains this layout) and in the subfield “myselect ” select as the value “choose1”. But it turns out that this never happens (Not shown) knowing that the condition is already being met. Another aspect that should be mentioned is that the same thing happens if I replace the field of type “Flexible Content” with one of type “Repeater”.

    Here’s a more graphic description of how the Custom Fields structure I mentioned earlier is:

    “Technical Data” (Group Field) ==> “specific” (Flexible Content) –> “Version 1” (Layout of Flexible Content) ==> “myselect” (Select) : “choose1”, “choose2”, “choose3”.

    ==> “general” (Group) ==> “Checklist” (CheckBox)

    This issue has been present since the first version I used of ACF Pro (I started I think with Version 5.5.x) I currently have version 5.8.1 and the problem continues.

    Conditional Logic does not work with subfield value of Repeater or Flexible Content.

  • This is an issue with ACF and the block editor. My suggestion would be to submit your problem here

  • I have the same problem. Conditional display of fields does not appear to work in the gutenberg sidebar.

    Has there been a solution in the meantime?

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