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Conditional Fields Disappearing on Edit

  • I am trying to display a different custom field group depending on the post category. It works as expected when I create a new post:

    I hit new post, choose the category, the custom fields appear, I fill them out and hit publish.

    Then the custom field group disappears.

    When I open up an existing post to make an edit, the custom field group is not displayed.

    If I un-check and re-check the category that activates them, then they appear again fully populated.

    Is this something that I can work around so that the category doesn’t need to be re-checked?

  • Hi @treysea

    Have you been able to look at the console for JS errors?

    There was also a bug on version 5.1.5 that was affecting the loading of conditionals, this could have been related.

    The update to this version fixed the issue.

  • Hi @James,

    I looked at the console and didn’t see any errors and the plugin is up to date with Version 5.2.6

    So it is still an issue for me.

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