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Colorpicker get darkness of the color

  • I have a site where you can change the background-color of sections. Usually I do this by having a radio button and based on this I append a class to that element. Now I thought to be adventures and use the color picker, because I don’t know what the colors are going to be jet.

    What I was thinking was if you can check the hex color on how dark or light is it and based on that add a class so you know when to make the text white instead of black. Is there a way to achieve this with ACF or do I need to look for a separate color interpreter.

    As a example for what I mean is a Atom plugin called Pigments which automatically highlights the color being used in a document. And it looks like this:

    For the color white is text is black and for the color black the text is white, there seems to be some logic here.

  • Hi @mvaneijgen

    I’m afraid ACF doesn’t have this kind of feature, so you need to create the logic yourself. There are a lot of discussions similar to this topic on the internet, and one of them is this one:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • I created a function based on a Stack overflow answer (can’t find the page anymore otherwise I would have linked to it).

    function get_darker_or_light_class_based_on_hex ( $hex_color ) {
    	$hex = str_replace( '#', '', $hex_color );
    	$r = hexdec(substr($hex,0,2));
    	$g = hexdec(substr($hex,2,2));
    	$b = hexdec(substr($hex,4,2));
    	if($r + $g + $b < 450){
    		$class = 'dark-bg';
    		$class = 'light-bg';
    	return $class;

    I had to change the 450 value to get it to work with my colors. And in my template part I use <?php echo get_darker_or_light_class_based_on_hex(get_sub_field('bg-color'); ?> to get the right background class.

    Hope someone finds this usefull.

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