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Close to what I need, but just missing the mark

  • I’m trying to make a Dynamic Gallery in WordPress. I can almost get there with ACF. I can create a Gallery in ACF, link it within Elementor, set it up to only show images uploaded to the current post, but the problem is that I need to select the images from my Media Gallery… Meaning it’s not Dynamic. I don’t want to do that otherwise I’m just using the same set of images all over the site (or on pages that I choose). I’m trying to add a condition that will show certain images in the Media Gallery based on their Taxonomy. How do I set this up with ACF?

  • You really can’t to this with ACF. ACF has no way to show images from a certain term.

    I would build a shortcode and skip ACF entirely by doing a query to get the images in the term.

    If you really want to do this with an ACF gallery field you could create an acf/load_value filter (priority > 10), ignore whatever value the field has do the same query and return an array of attachment IDs. Basically this makes the ACF gallery field just a placeholder. You’d probably also need to add another field to set the term to use for the gallery and get/use that value in the query.

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