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Clearing ACF Form

  • Hi there,

    Im trying to create a food diary using ACF fields for my website.
    The food diary is available to members and once they log in, will be able to see their own food diary table.

    I think i can achieve this easily enough using repeaters for each day, but i want to know if there is a way that the diary can be cleared? For example, their membership will be a week and once their membership is expired they are unable to access this page. But if they purchase a new membership, obviously the old values will still be saved for that user.

    Is there a function that would allow we me add a simple ‘Clear’ button that would clear all the values in those form fields?


  • No, not really, and at the same time there is. You could create a button that triggers some JavaScript that triggers the click action on the remove link of each repeater row. One caution would be not to trigger this action on the “clone” row of the repeater because that would prevent adding new rows after you remove it.

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