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Checkbox 'Toggle All' does not select in IE/Edge

  • Using the latest (5.8.3) ACF Pro.

    Create a ‘Checkbox’ field and setting the ‘Toggle’ option to yes.

    When using this field in IE (11) or Edge, tapping ‘Toggle All’ with nothing selected does nothing (unexpected behaviour), but tapping it when something is selected does unselect everything (expected behaviour).

    It works fine in recent Firefox / Chrome.

    We first noticed it on 5.7.13 and have explicitly seen it also on 5.8.1 and 5.8.3. It may have been present before 5.7.13, and I expect it was also present on all versions between 5.7.13 and 5.8.3.

  • Is this the right place to report bugs, or should I email support directly?

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