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Checkbox and wpml

  • Hello,
    i’ve a problem with an checkbox and wpml.

    I’ve this code, where profile is an checkbox:

    <?php if (get_field('profile') != '') { ?><li><strong><?php _e('Profile:','movedo'); ?></strong> <?php the_field('profile'); ?></li>
    <?php } else {}?>

    I must to translate (in wpml string translation) the values of this checkbox, then i’ve edit the code so:

    <?php if (get_field('profile') != '') { ?><li><strong><?php _e('Profile:','movedo'); ?></strong> <?php _e(get_field('profile')); ?></li>
    <?php } else {}?>

    But the website crash. Array errors etc.
    Where am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks

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