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Changed theme custom fields not showing in posts

  • Hi,
    I am not a professional.
    I have been using your advanced custom fields in my website for a long time and I love the plugin!
    I have now changed the theme of my website, I exported and imported my custom fields and added the same php code that I had in my old single.php file to the new themes single.php.

    I still see the custom fields for each post in post admin but I only see the headline of each field in the front end of the post.. ie. The value of the field is not showing.

    In the single.php I am just using: <li>PRICE: <?php the_field(‘price’); ?></li> for example..

    Have I forgot something?

    Kind regards

  • HI @krackatua

    Is it possible that this could be a db referencing issue?

    Does the issue replicate when you hardcode a post Id parameter to the_field() function?

    Please checkout the debugging tutorial here and get back to me with the returned data:

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