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Can't show image on archive-page

  • Hi,

    I have a custom post type (lets call it “Products”) and a custom taxonomy (lets call it “Designers”).

    I want to create a custom field that allow me to choose an image for this taxonomy. So when you visit “” you will se this image in the archive-description.

    I have made a custom field group with 1 field (image-field) and it is set to be shown when the taxonomy term is equal to “Designer”.

    I have chosen an image on the “designer1” taxonomy page and saved it.

    This is the code from my functions.php:

    function show_tax5(){ 
    		<img src="<?php the_field('archive_image'); ?>" />

    But when I visit the “designer1” page it shows no image. All it shows (in the code) is <img src>

    What am I doing wrong?

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