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Can't Deactivate – or see where it's used?

  • I am paying for a pro subscription. I don’t think I’m using ACF anywhere at the moment, but I’m not sure how to tell? I think I used to use it for a slider that I no longer have on my site.

    If I try to deactivate the plugin the site does not render, so clearly it’s still being called for something somewhere, but maybe unnecessarily? So, perhaps I could remove it, but I’d like to know for sure what will go away, if anything, and I’d like not to break the site?

  • I’d start by looking at field groups. Are there any? What are the location rules? Are you using them?

    Then I would do a search on all code of the theme (and all plugins except acf if I think a plugin might be using acf) for


    and then go from there to figure out if what’s being called still exists or is still needed.

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