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Can’t change font size of .description

  • I have managed to increase the font size of the admin interface via custom admin css file and it’s working great except for one thing. The p.description for labels and fields have taken on the global change, but I’m unable to get a targeted style to change it back to a bit smaller.

    I’ve tried:

    .acf-fields .description
    .acf-field .description
    .acf-input .description
    .acf-label .description

    I’ve tried setting the font size as an rem, px, and % and it does not budge in size. I am, however, using any one of the styles above been able to apply a color, padding, background, etc.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on resolving the issue?

  • I have no idea what part of the interface you are changing. The selector you need will depend on what you are already doing. You need to inspect the page and find the CSS that is affecting the element you want to change and then create a style rule with a more specific selector.

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