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cannot see the acf when publish page

  • hi
    sorry for this quastion but i’m new with the acf.
    i install it and configure it to put the field photo or text on new page. when i’m make new page i see it then i put the pic but when i publish it to so see the pic or what i put on the field i cannot see it,i don’t understand why,can someone assiste me?

  • If I understand correctly. ACF does not automatically add the content of fields to the front end of the site. To do this you must edit the templates of your site and add the function calls and code to get and display it.

    See the documentation, you may want to start here

  • hi,
    thank for your answer,can you tell me please in what file of the templates i need to put it there and in what section inside it.

  • This would really depend on the theme you’re using.

    For the standard theme if you’re adding field to posts then it could be single.php. for pages, page.php. But like I said, it depends on your theme. Depending on the theme author it could be other files.

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