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Can I use ACF PRO in a closed intranet?

  • Hi,
    we would like to buy the developer PRO version and install it in a closed corporate network, which has no access to the internet. At least the web server cannot establish outward connections.

    Is this possible with ACF Pro, or does it need to verify or activate the premium functions via connection to the ACF website?


  • The only thing that the license key does is to make it possible to automatically update the plugin. Since the site won’t have access then you’d need to update manually, which would be the case with all the plugins on the site. Once you purchase Pro you will be able to log into your account to download updates, which you’ll need to do regularly since you’ll get no notification that they need to be updated. But then you should already be used to needing to check plugins and updating manually.

  • Great to read that. Thanks for your quick reply.

    So we can buy and install the PRO plugin in our closed intranet.

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