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Can I add a prefix to fields using the acf_form?

  • I have a custom post type called Exercises that loads 6 different ACF Group Fields based on taxonomy.

    On another custom post type, called Prescription I have a relationship field that loads these Exercise Post type (I could have multiple exercise posts with the same ACF name), When one is added I have an ajax call that adds it below the form. I am using the acf_form to populate the fields.

    I am having a problem saving it because they contain the same field_name. My question is, is there a way to include a prefix_ to the field names using acf_form? If not, what would be the best approach to solve it using ACF?


  • Hi @cimar007

    It should be possible to modify all field settings including the field name by making use of the acf/load_field filter. This filter has been discussed in detail on this page:

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