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Calculate a field using price and acf value

  • For my pharmacy store I have product which contains 10 tablets in a strip. The default price is the price of the whole strip. I want to calculate price per tablet.

    I have added the following custom fields:
    Number of tablets:
    Price per tablet:

    I want to calculate the price per tablet using “(regular price or sale price)/(number of tablets)”.

    I want to use code-snippets instead of child theme.

  • Update:
    I was able to update the price per tablet by using the following code:

    function wc_update_price_per_unit($post_id) {
        $value= get_field('_price')/get_field('number_of_unit');//use _regular_price to get regular woocommerce price
    	$field_name = "price_per_unit";

    The price_per_tablet value gets populated when saving the post. How can I see changes in the price_per_unit field before saving or updating the post.

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