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Buttons Not Working in Field Group

  • I am using the non-pro version of Advanced Custom Fields (version 5.8.11), and I have two problems (they might be related). I have tested on my development site and live site and the problems persist in both.

    1. For some reason, whenever I click the “required” or “conditional logic” buttons, nothing happens. The slider doesn’t toggle, no extra boxes pop-up, etc. However, when I hit publish and reopen the field group, the “required” button is now toggled on. This doesn’t work for conditional logic because it won’t let me publish a field group with “conditional logic” checked but no “logic” in the boxes. This is very frustrating and preventing me from continuing site development.

    2. When I publish a field group, it creates the desired field group but also a 2nd one labeled ‘(no label)’. I have no idea why this is happening.

    Thank you in advance for your speedy reply.

  • You have an issue with JavaScript. Could be another plugin causing an error. Could be a corrupt JS file. You need to track down the JS error that preventing ACFs JS from running correctly.

  • I fixed it!!!!!

    I was creating a Chrome extension and had “developer mode” on. After I turned it off, everything went back to normal in all my plugins.

    I guess developer mode autobreaks JavaScript as a security measure?

    In hindsight, this makes perfect sense because the problem occurred on both my development and live site, so it had to be a browser issue.

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