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Broken media taxonomy location rule

  • I’ve set, through functions.php, a custom taxonomy related to media attachments only. Everything works fine, until I update to the last version of ACF5.3.7 and WP 4.4.2.

    I’m using ACF to save a textfield value for each image that has the “banner” term assigned (from my custom media taxonomy).

    I’ve set the following location rules for that custom field (textfield):
    Attachment – is equal to – All [AND]
    Post Taxonomy – is equal to – Banner

    But, nothing happens in the backend when I click the “banner” term, from my custom taxonomy meta box. Also note that old values already introduced before, are still working well in the frontend.

  • Hi @mafs

    I’m more curious if that setup was working before. The Post Taxonomy is used only for posts, not attachment. I’m sure it won’t show up with your location rules.

    If you want to create a custom location rule, please take a look at this page:


  • Hi James,
    Trust me, it worked.
    It was ACF v4.X, and WP 3.X
    Thanks for your guidance!

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