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Block still showing even though files removed

  • Anyone know a way to remove a block once it’s been registered. I followed the testimonial tutorial but wanted to change the way it was displayed.

    So I changed the template file but none of my changes showed up.
    Edit files. Saved files. No changes. Still displaying the same way as first registered.

    Then I commented out the include files (I separated them instead of just including in functions) figuring it wouldn’t show up in the editor. Wrong. Block still there and displaying like the example rather than my edits.

    Then I removed the field group.

    Still showing up as an option in the editor, but no options since ACF field group removed.

    So my theme is not including the files, the field group has been removed, yet there is still a “Testimonial” option for a gutenberg block in the editor.

    Where do I deregister the testimonial block?

    I want a testimonial block but I want to be able to make changes to it as I’m developing.

    I’m on a localhost with no caching.

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