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Block all ACF PRO licenses for Russia

  • Hi ACF users and the WordPress community,

    I’m a WordPress developer from Dnipro, Ukraine. The same as I love Ukraine I truly love WordPress and ACF plugin. As you know, Russia attacked us on 24 Feb at 4:00 (like Hitler in the morning).

    They have been bombing civilian quarters, shooting civilian cars, and killing our people. For 28 Feb: 352 civilians died (16 kids) and 2040 are injured (45 kids). This is a genocide of the Ukrainian people. We know many Russian companies do use WordPress + ACF PRO as the main tool and I’m writing to you with a proposal to support Ukraine and move out from Russia. They don’t deserve the goods of the world.

    I hope that ACF PRO owners will support Ukraine and can really make an impact on the situation.
    They are creating war-supporting websites and propaganda materials WordPress + ACF PRO.

    Please, block all ACF PRO licenses and disable new subscriptions for users with Russian locations or Russian payment cards.
    For now, more and more plugins already helped Ukraine, for example, CrocoBlock

    ACF team, please stand with Ukraine! Help us to stop Russia. Don’t be left out of the biggest tragedy of the 21st century.

  • Hi everyone,

    Any feedback about my request?
    It would be nice to get a reply and to hear the Delicious Brains team’s position on this question.

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Yes, I contacted support on the same day that the topic was added. Also contacted Delicious Brains support.

    All my messages were delivered and opened on the same day
    But no reply and position from Delicious Brains I didn’t get yet (except for standard auto-reply – we’ll check your request, etc).

    While global IT giants like Microsoft, Intel, Paypal are leaving the Russian market, the position of Delicious Brains is just silent.

    While you are silent our citizens in Ukraine are being fired upon by Russian terrorists. They used WordPress, ACF, and other web tools to make more and more fake news websites.

    Let’s stop this craziness together. Ukraine hopes for your support!

    Best regards,

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