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Blank fields on save (ACF 4.1.7)

  • Upgraded from 4.1.6 to 4.1.7
    WP 3.5.2

    EDIT: field values not saving

    Simplest bug case I found: a single, simple text field is shown in sidebar metabox. It is restricted to show on Pages. In 4.1.6, I was able to Publish the Page changes as expected. The custom field preserves the value.

    In 4.1.7, when I publish Page changes, the custom field goes blank after hitting Publish. No values are saved.

    In more complex cases (many custom fields, images, repeaters, etc.) all of the custom field values are emptied on Page Publish. Solution was to revert to a previous version of the page.

    I don’t THINK this is effecting Options pages.. but I was reluctant to experiment because the Options pages lack revision history in case everything went blank.

  • Hi @Cloud Media Lab

    Thanks for the bug report. This is happening on a few installs and I will find a fix shortly.

    One avenue I am perusing is an issue with the cache name. Are you using a caching plugin on the site?

  • I’ve just pushed an update to github containing a fix for this cache issue.

    Can you please update to the latest nightly build and let me know how it goes?

  • I have this issue even after 4.1.8 together with Total Caches Object caching, when I disable Object caching it works fine.

  • Hi @jonas.hjalmarsson

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll do some more testing with cache

  • Hi guys

    After some more testing, I discovered the issue is caused by a conflict in ACF and object cache.

    I have rolled back the ACF update_value functionality to fix this issue.

    Please update again


  • Object caching now works for me after your last commit. Great!

  • I did use object caching on my test sites. Field save is working as expected with 4.1.8

    Thank you

  • Hi, i know this issue comes from another plugin but i think it’s related in some way.

    I’m using the SHOPP plugin, the custom field is working on fine but when i save the product, the custom (image) field save no data. I tried the same rule with common page/post and it worked.

    I’m working with WP 3.5.2 and ACF 4.1.8 and Shopp plugin 1.2.5

    *UPDATE. I created a new post with this issue.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Only it’s with WP3.8 and ACF 4.3.4.
    I disabled all other plugins. I have no caching plugins enabled.

    I have a custom image field, whatever I upload there gets removed again on save. I tried different browsers and deleted and re-uploaded the plugin files. Even made a duplicate of the field. That has the same problem.

  • Hi @pixelstyle

    It is possible that your server has an object cache . This has been the case with WPengine.

    Aside from caching, this could be a number of issues. Perhaps you have another field on the page with the same field_name? This would cause the value ot be overridden?

    If you add another field to the page and give it a very unique field name, does it save?


  • I removed the field, added another with a truly unique name, but again on save the field goes empty.

    The server is a pretty standard linux hosting server. I haven’t installed any WordPress specific caching.

  • Hi @pixelstyle

    If you are unable to save any ACF data on a fresh instal, then there is definitely a major issue going on. How are you with debugging? Can you jump into the core/controllers/post.php file and save_post function. do some debugging in that to see what is and isn’t working.


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