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Bi-Directional Relationship repeater fields

  • I am trying to create a Bi Directional Relationship from a ACF Group that contains multiple repeater fields. I have tried John A. Huebner’s Post-2-post and the functions.php code on the ACF site but I don’t think they are designed to work with repeater fields. I have detailed the setup I have below, hoping someone may be able to help 🙂

    I am developing a History site, where I am trying to create relationships between people, places, things events etc. Because there can be many types of relationships and many things related to the same thing (think sibling relationships, builders of a bridge etc) I thought creating a series of repeater selects and repeater Post Objects would be the best way. I have it working well on teh site but I just want the relationships to be update automatically and do away with entering each relationship manually which would be very time consuming and open to errors and omissions.

    Field Group:

    Fields (Type – Repeater):
    – Related People
    – Related Places
    – Related Things…

    Related People Sub Fields:
    – (Type – Select) Relationship: ‘Brother of’, ‘Siling of’, ‘Associate of’ etc
    – (Type – Repeater) Related Person
    – Sub Fields:
    – (Type – Post Object) Related Person

    Related Places Sub Fields:
    – (Type – Select) How Related To Place: ‘Owner of’, ‘Associated with’, ‘Resided at’ etc
    – (Type – Repeater) Related Place
    – Sub Fields:
    – (Type – Post Object) Related Place

    Related Things Sub Fields:
    – (Type – Select) How is Thing related: ‘Associated with’ etc
    – (Type – Repeater) Related Thing
    – Sub Fields:
    – (Type – Post Object) Related Thing

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