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Best way of linking: Post types or taxonomies

  • Hello dear ACF community,

    I am a relatively new user of ACF but I bought the Pro version straight away. A really great product!

    I would like to ask you for your opinion. What do you think is the best way for my use case?

    I have various products that I have created as post types.

    – Product A
    – Product B
    – Product C

    The products have different manufacturers. I would now like to assign a manufacturer to each product. I have also created the manufacturers as post-types because I want to save information for each manufacturer.

    Now I can assign a manufacturer post to each product post via the field: Post Object.

    Does this make sense or should I rather create a taxonomy with the name Manufacturer and specify it? Or should I simply do both?

    I look forward to your opinion!

  • Hi Eibich,
    When it comes to assigning manufacturers to your products, using the Post Object field makes sense for detailed info. But adding a “Manufacturer” taxonomy could offer extra organization. Why not do both? By the way, ever thought of sprucing up your product images with our lrappapk website? It’s perfect for making your products shine. Happy organizing and editing!

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