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Beaver Themer field-connection with dropdown list of field names

  • I wish there was a integration to beaver themer (beaver builder) like the “Pods Beaver Themer Add-On” plugin that lets you chose the field connection (in a Beaver Builder module) from a dropdown instead of manually typing in the name of the field you want to connect to.

    I was thinking to make a options page with ACF in the wp-admin where a client could enter some information like company name, address and so on and then be able to use those entered values in the beaver builder modules with field connections.
    I am also thinking to make a lot of custom made templates available for my client to chose from. And in those templates I want to use field connections to use the values they entered in the options page I made.

    I know that it is possible to do this by entering the name of the ACF fields manually after chosing “ACF Post Field” or “ACF Option Field” in the field connection menu but I want my client to be able to use the values from the fields in any module they want and not just the ones I already set field connections for. And what if they remove the field connection then they would not know how to re-enable it again.
    I think it would be a bit difficult for a non-techie client to manually typing in the name of the field. They would not even know the name of the fields (unless I wrote it in the field label but it would not be user friendly).

    I could of course just use pods but I am really in to how simple ACF is to use.
    Is it something you consider implementing for ACF also? It would be nice at least just to be able to use it for plain text fields.
    So if you could go to a field connection in Beaver Builder and chose “ACF Post Field” or “ACF Option Field” and then have a dropdown with the different field names to chose from instead of typing in the name manually.

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