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Batch Replace URLs in ACF URL Fields in WordPress Database

  • I will be using this command with WP-CLI to batch change about 1,000 URLs.

    while IFS=, read orig new; do wp --dry-run --skip-themes --skip-plugins search-replace "$orig" "$new" wp_posts --include-columns=post_content --verbose; done < example.csv

    The contents of the .csv is two columns with the old and new strings:

    https://www.oldurl1 https://www.newurl1 
    https://www.oldurl2 https://www.newurl2
    https://www.oldurl3 https://www.newurl3

    The URLs are stored in an ACF URL custom field. Is this going to cause any serialisation issues?

  • URL fields are stored as simple text values and not serialized.

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for confirming. One more thing, is this the correct table to use in my command: –include-columns=post_content

    many thanks again

  • ACF values are stored in the _postmeta, table,

    or in _usermeta, _termmeta, _commentmeta or _options when using fields on those object types.

  • sorry for being a newbie, is there a difference between _postmeta and wp_postmeta ?

    so in my command instead of post_content I will just use _postmeta ?

  • No

    wp_ is the default table prefix. Sometimes this is changed. When you see _postmeta it means the postmeta table with whatever prefixe is set for your site.

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