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Backslashes being added to page/post content

  • I searched for a solution to my problem and found a topic on a version of ACF adding backslashes on the options page, however, that was not the case on my site. I had a problem with backslashes being added (version 5.8.7) on every page/post content, which I don’t really know if it is an ACF problem or a theme problem – both work fine without the other.

    I have bought a theme (Sumi theme), which, by itself, it doesn’t add backslashes. After activating ACF, it starts adding them. Similar, if I change the theme to “Twenty Twenty”, it doesn’t add backslashes either.

    So, to solve the problem, I added this to the theme functions.php:
    remove_filter( 'content_save_pre', 'acf_parse_save_blocks', 5 );

    I don’t know if this can be solved on ACF side or if it should be solved on the theme side, but I just wanted to post it if anyone encounters the same problem and will be searching for the solution.

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