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Backend show/open a field if a specific condition

  • Hi,

    i would know how to show or open a field in backend just only if click or fill another field.

    Exapmle shop business hours:
    i have a radio buttons field with three options:
    – always open
    – always closed
    – no hours
    – + add hours
    but instead to have a normal text input field will open a related field to add the hours for each days.

    is it possible something like that?

    thanks in advance
    Best regards

  • Just after the Radio Button Field create whatever field you want to use to add hours etc. and on that field selected Conditional Logic ‘Yes’ and ‘Show this field if’
    and from the drop down menus:
    1 Select ‘Radio Button Field Name’
    2 Select ‘is equal to’
    3 Select ‘+add hours’

    Check the edit post page to see that when you select +add hours the field you created will show next. Hope this helps!

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